SMT School Professional

SMT School - School Administration Software

What are your benefits of using our school administration?

We have asked us the same question from the very beginning. This is the reason why the direct gain for a school was the driving force during the development.

You will find yourself comfortable with the intuitive working environment from the beginning. Clear structures and a simple handling make the workflow simple and efficient. Together with technical sophistication the result is a simple to use but still extremely flexible administration of your educational institution.

Your ideas, the range for your students in combination with our know how and flexibility: Your competitive edge in the market place!

What are the possibilities of the school administration?
In short SMT School contains the following features:
- Scheduling
- Room Planning
- Course Planning
- Administration Qualification
- Person Administration
- Invoicing/Salary
- Analysis
- Browser
- Document Management System
- Digital Signage

And we have much more to offer. We are pleased to give you a
demonstration of all the functions personally.