SMT Swiss Mains is your specialist for integral system solutions. As consultants and developers, we solve every problem in hardware and software.
We achieve our wide range by a unique personnel constellation: our internal engineers and developers are involved in a network of external specialists who are consult as needed.

The construction of electronic hardware components is one of the company’s strengths since the founding of SMT Swiss Mains, which shows the extract from our client list: ABB Switzerland Ltd, Areva T & D, Swiss Confederation or RUAG Simulation and Training are household names and give an impressive reference of our performance.

Measurement and control technology

High-quality measuring and control systems are essential in research, production, technical monitoring, and in countless other areas. For example, as a security element or as a test system for delicate processes.

As specialists for precision data acquisition and processing, we have the necessary know-how for your particular application. Swiss Mains has already implemented a variety of sophisticated measurement and control technology applications.

High-frequency electronics

The data processing and transmission is evolving to ever higher frequencies. For the development of such systems sound knowledge of high-frequency electronics is required. Exhaust the limits of technical feasibility or even expand is the declared objective of some ambitious projects in this area.

In the high-frequency electronics, many standard methods of the electronics can no longer be applied. Here specialized exception processes are used. We have significant expertise in the high frequency range, as well as in the electromagnetic wave propagation and the related areas. If you are searching for solutions to such challenges SMT Swiss Mains is the right partner for you.

Optical data transmission

Optical data transmission has valuable properties such as electrical insulation, low signal loss over long distances and minimum signal distortion. Today, this technology is widely used in data transmission over long distances and at large analog bandwidth. It also opens up application possibilities that were unachievable with a wire transfer.

The many advantages of optical data transmission weigh on the higher system costs by far.

We are experts for specific data transmission applications. For your special requirements, we are developing a custom-designed solution.

High Voltage Engineering

The safety and availability of high-voltage systems is an issue for all consumers of electrical energy. A high degree of security can be achieved with a professional monitoring system. In many places of the world, for example, we help with our products to ensure that weaknesses are identified and corrected early, and so break-downs in the power supply can be prevented .

To understand the phenomena in high-voltage engineering, it requires a deeper understanding of the underlying physical laws. In order to measure effects correctly, it also needs a great knowledge of high-frequency electronics and instrumentation.

This knowledge we provide to you, to address your specific tasks. Come with your metrological problems to us, even if they are not in connection with the high voltage.