RF Multiplexer with integrated bias tee power supplies

  • Controllable via USB / serial
  • 2 parallel channels
  • Up to 2 x 12 channels
  • Exactly the same length for all measurement paths


Low-noise measuring preamplifier for monitoring gas insulated switchger (GIS)

  • extremely versatile through very large bandwidth measure
  • models ranging from standard to high sensitivity
  • input Protection to prevent damage to the electronics
  • compact design

Interesting Article about the use of these amplifiers.


Surge protector for the GMS-IV series measuring preamplifier with integrated high-pass filter.

  • High voltage protection
  • High-pass filter at 83 MHz
  • High frequency range


Capacitive voltage divider for measuring the grid voltage and the phasing in the GIS


  • 1-3 integrated bias tees power supplies
  • EMI integrated filter
  • Low input filter
  • Separate fuse for each channel
  • Wide Range

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