SMT School – School Administration Software

What are your benefits of using our school administration?

We have asked us the same question from the very beginning. This is the reason why the direct gain for a school was the driving force during the development.

You will find yourself comfortable with the intuitive working environment from the beginning. Clear structures and a simple handling make the workflow simple and efficient. Together with technical sophistication the result is a simple to use but still extremely flexible administration of your educational institution.

Your ideas, the range for your students in combination with our know how and flexibility: Your competitive edge in the market place!

What are the possibilities of the school administration?
In short SMT School contains the following features:
– Scheduling
– Room Planning
– Course Planning
– Administration Qualification
– Person Administration
– Invoicing/Salary
– Analysis
– Browser
– Document Management System
– Digital Signage

And we have much more to offer. We are pleased to give you a
demonstration of all the functions personally.



The module “Stammdaten” contains the basic data that is needed to be able to work with the programme at all and represents the company for which it is used in the most basic parts.


Surveys are defined and managed in the CRM module.
Surveys can be created for a one-time customer satisfaction survey, or reused for recurring surveys.


Everything necessary to manage people can be found here. People can have multiple addresses, be related to others (employers, parents, siblings, etc.), have roles (bill payer, participant,…), etc..


The “Reports” module is primarily concerned with processing the data held in all other modules into documents.


What is needed to be able to issue invoices can be found here. Of course, you also need addresses and, in order to generate the invoice, an evaluation.


The “Kalender” module simply displays a calendar in a small overview. In addition to the current month, the following months are also displayed.


Here it is possible to define and calculate wages directly from hours worked (requires hourly or event planning), percentages or fixed wages so that they can be transmitted to the accounting department for payment.


In the information system, all the necessary elements for displaying and providing the data collected in SMT School are made available on an information screen.


If grades are to be administered or entire pre-diploma examinations / diploma examinations are to be planned, mapped and evaluated right up to the doctoral conditions, then this module is just the thing.


Everything that has to do with school operations can be mapped here.

Workflow Verwaltung

Workflows can be defined here.


The directory tree gives a simple overview of the local folder structures.


Data can be collected here via RFID card readers, e.g. attendance checks, entries / exits.



Orders can be processed here.