Vehicle dynamics software for the realistic simulation of vehicles of various types (trucks, cars, tracked vehicles, wheeled vehicles, etc.). This software is currently used for training simulators by 6 different vehicle types.

SMT Swiss Mains has programmed the entire physical mapping of the vehicles. It involves a complex dynamic multi-body system. The driving behavior of the wheels is realistically reproduced with tire deformation in dependence of longitudinal and lateral acceleration, terrain topology, vehicle load and tire pressure; the suspension and the damping of the vehicle suspension can be individually configured. The motor can be modeled according to its types characteristic. Built in are manual shifting with clutch, but also with automatic transmission with hydrokinetic converters. Additional features such as ABS and ESP can be switched on.

The vehicles move on a base, which is stored in a database, and is retrieved from there. Subsurface parameters, such as static and dynamic friction, stability and rolling resistance can be adjusted. Even amphibious vehicles can be simulated with their movements in the water.

The resulting sizes from the subsurface parameters and the control movements, as accelerations and velocities are precisely calculated so that they lead via a motion platform to realistic movements.

Relevant technologies are:

  • High-precision calculation and conversion methods from coordinates in different coordinate systems (Swiss Grid, UTM, Lat / Long, XYZ etc.)
  • Network communication for control over the entire simulation system
  • Embedded PC with TFT screen
  • Windows Operating System
  • The system is written in C ++