Customer Satisfaction

The customer and his concern are the focus of our efforts. We estimate long-term cooperation, based on trust. Our customers are always oriented on the project progress. Our actions and our language is goal-oriented and direct.
Complex problems require not necessarily a complex solution. An efficient and sustainable approach to troubleshooting is our ideal.


Personal Assistance

The supervision, coordination, communication and monitoring of each project is entirely the responsibility of a Project Owner. He is your contact person for all matters of organizational, administrative or technical nature. He takes you from the initial idea to the finished solution through all project phases and is available after completion of all work with words and deeds. If necessary, he always has access to internal and external resources.



All our employees have extensive training and broad experience in their field. The permanent, professional development is one of our basic principles and is also implemented in the personnel policy.


Quality Control

We seek highest quality in our work. With the help of our quality management system, we monitor and control each phase of a project, thus ensuring an impeccable quality.


Staff satisfaction

Teamwork is a priority with us. The individual employee, as well as the company as a whole, benefit from collected and distributed knowledge. Experience and willingness to learn are among our most important resources. Finally, we think a communicative, helpful working atmosphere is an important factor to the success of challenging projects.



Careful use of natural resources is important to us. We are committed to the environment – as well as a company as individuals. The components of our products are produced regionally or by ourselves.